Sight with no vision. What is your visio

Sight with no vision. What is your vision? What do you believe? How will you accomplish it? #leadership #passion


Freedom. Get free. Financial freedom is

Freedom. Get free. Financial freedom is about time freedom. It’s about living in abundance. It’s about living in a world of contribution. The world needs more people NOW to offer their gifts. Every young person needs to understand this. What does it mean for you to get out of bed in the morning knowing you have the time to give back to the world in an extraordinary? How can you do it? Stay with me friends, and watch how. Because I am doing it. Are you? ❤ #legacy #leadership #freedom


Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slaves.
A social history of women through the centuries of Greek and Roman worlds. No comprehensive book of the subject in English. #MUSTread ladies. Not intended for classicists.

“Pandora’s box may be a metaphor for carnal knowledge of women, which was a source of evil to men”. #womenshistory #CaretakerOfTheEart #history